Monday, 18 June 2012

About password master

You have too many accounts, too many passwords to remember? Password master is here to help 

Take advantage of the launching price now!! Half price for the first week. 

Password master is an intuitive, simple and yet powerful and secure app that save all your accounts and passwords. 

A must-have iPhone & iPad app. 

*** Standard iPhone interface design, easy and self-guided interface experience. 
*** AES256 encryption. AES 256-bit is the strongest algorithm ever to encrypt data. Don't worry if you have lost your phone or your dropbox account has been compromised, no one will ever understand your account data without your master passcode 

**** Data backup support, one click to backup and restore all you data. And don't you worry, we guarantee it's safe. If you still have concerns, go to your dropbox folder and try to read the text. 

**** web browser integrated, auto fill in account and passwords, one click to copy onto copy board. Easy and secure way to access your account, no more hassle. 

**** always ask for password. Once password master enters background, or after your phone went to sleep, it automatically locks up. In one word, if you don't see it, it's locked. 

We are committed to every user, please contact us on for any problems or suggestions, we take your opinions seriously.

Password master

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